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Customer Care & Teamwork

Keynote Speaker Vicki Hitzges Shakes Hands with Delighted Participant

Fun, High Energy, Interactive


With Tools You Probably Already Have Around the House

My “signature” keynote. Popular kickoff or closing talk.

Audiences always enjoy this presentation. It’s thought-provoking, entertaining, and jam-packed with activities.

Your group will learn to thrive.  They’ll learn to:

  • Actively listen (the #1 sales and relationship skill)
  • Make a lasting, positive impression
  • Give and receive compliments (a top relationship skill)
  • Master positive thinking
  • Boost your entire group’s morale by what they see and say

This talk will make your conference and your office the place everyone wants to be. 


  • High morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Excellent customer service

Your company will enjoy excellent customer service (internally and externally). You’ll profit from high morale and long-term business relationships.