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Keynote Speaker Vicki Hitzges

Dominate Deadlines

Keynote Speaker Vicki Hitzges speaks at MGM Grand Hotel

Vicki Hitzges book Stuck on Stop

Vicki’s book:  How to Stop Procrastinating


I’ll get your people thinking, planning, and ready to go. Crushing goals leads to enhanced character, higher self-esteem, and increased opportunities.

Your team will discover strategies to tackle goals, open doors, and feel great. Watch your productivity skyrocket!

I’ll teach your people:

  • The 3 reasons we avoid tasks (Probably not why you suspect)
  • A can’t-miss solution for how to stop procrastinating
  • What to do if you stall because you’re afraid to fail
  • How to get past “writer’s block”
  • An EASY cure to get more creative instantly (Try it!)

 How to stop procrastinating. How to be creative. How to overcome the fear of failure.

Benefits: Higher productivity. Greater self-esteem.  Better service.  More sales.

Your organization will profit from eager employees excited to tackle goals.  Productivity will soar!  As a result, you’ll enjoy higher profits!