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Frequently Asked Questions About A Motivational Speaker:

Why book a motivational speaker for a corporate conference or business event?  How much value will a motivational speaker bring to the session?

A Motivational Speaker Adds Tremendous Value

Q:  Why?  What’s the benefit we should expect from a motivational speaker?

A: Professionals attend events to increase their knowledge.  The right motivational speaker can energize your audience and set the tone for your entire event.  What’s more, a professional speaker can deliver a message with credibility in a way that an “insider” can’t.  What’s more, a motivational speaker will ensure that your message gets delivered in a way that’s entertaining and interactive.  When that happens, the message sinks in like a swimmer off the high dive.

Q: What’s the difference between a motivational speaker and an industry speaker?

A:   An industry speaker is usually an executive who’s been asked to tell about a new change or a successful insider who’s been asked to give a testimonial about their achievements.  A motivational speaker entertains and motivates the audience to achieve something themselves.  Industry speakers may be used as to keynote but, because they don’t speak professionally, they frequently lack the skills necessary to captivate a crowd.  A motivational speaker has the skill to hold the audience and most often opens or closes an event.  A motivational speaker can start a meeting with a bang or send attendees home feeling “I’m glad I came!”


Q: Which is best: A comedian or a storyteller?

A: A great storyteller increases audience participation.  Usually, a well told story involves most of the senses and both sad and comedic moments.  Humor can be tricky.  Everyone resonates to a well told story, but not everyone finds the same humor funny.  The ideal is to find someone who has the right mix of humor and storytelling ability to get your audience to both listen intently and then, because they did listen so well, to be able to recall what they learned.

Q: How much is a speaker?

A: That depends.  How large is your event? Where is it?  Do you want a motivational keynote speaker or a breakout speaker?  Do you want ongoing coaching?  Books?  What do you need?