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Get Energy—Relieve Stress

Baby, Take Off Your Stress – You Can Leave Your Hat On

We’re stressed!!! We have waaaay to much to do and not nearly enough time or resources to get it all done.  This high-energy presentation will help your group chill.  They’ll discover the dangers of stress, why they feel it, and ways to stop stress instantly.

  • Terrific opening keynote
  • Fun breakout
  • Lots of interaction

Theme: How to bounce back when you feel knocked flat.

Purpose: To pep up groups that are burned out, tensed up, and stressed out. (Yours!)

Given to: Banktec, Dominos Pizza, Bell Helicopter, Int’l Credit Association, American Title Co., VHA, Medical City, Ford Motor Co., the IRS (and many other groups)

Audiences learn:

  • THREE causes of stress
  • FIVE major ways to zap stress
  • EIGHT funky ways to obliterate stress instantly


  • Interactive, fun presentation
  • Always a hit!
  • Volunteers demonstrate stress-releasing activities on stage.

Your group will laugh and learn as they HEAR, SEE and DO what it takes to relieve the Number One health problem facing Americans today…stress!

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