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Enjoy TWO Best Selling Motivational Books

Audiences love “take homes” so I’ll gladly sign motivational books after my presentation.  If you prefer, give me names in advance.  I’ll sign the books, then ship them to you to hand out as gifts after the talk.  Audiences LOVE that!

Why Motivational Books?

If you invest in a keynote speaker, doesn’t it make sense to give your people a gift that reinforces the message?
These beautifully produced, best-selling motivational books will do just that.
Order in bulk in advance to receive a discount and I’ll personally sign each copy.

Motivational Speaker Vicki Hitzges book signing event.

Motivational Book Reviews

Attitude Is Everything–Ten Steps To Staying Positive

Best Selling Motivational Book on How to Stay Positive
Ask about group discounts!

“Attitude is Everything – Ten Steps to Staying Positive” sold out the day it was released. Bam! 5,000 copies. Today, it’s consistently one of the publisher’s top sellers.  It’s translated into multiple languages and sold internationally. Popular corporate gift.

Inside, you’ll find motivational quotes, stories, and solid advice about how to stay positive. What’s more, if you judge a book by its cover, this is one of the friendliest, most delightful motivational books you could find!

“A wonderful book!! The first chapter on worry is, by itself, well worth the price of the book. So many pearls of wisdom to be mined. Thank you!” –R. Monte

“This book contains the power to change your life. It’s practical, interesting, funny and filled with nuggets of wisdom.” –A. Clements, NYC

“‘Attitude Is Everything’ is GREAT! I just cannot put it down. I keep picking it back up. Delightful!” –B. Bruno, Aurora, CO

Stuck on Stop – How to Quit Procrastinating

stuck on stop book by Vicki Hitzges

Best Selling Motivational Book — How to Stop ProcrastinatingAsk about group discounts!

“Stuck on Stop – How to Quit Procrastinating“ boasts practical tips on:

  • How to “find” time
  • How to be more creative
  • How to banish fear (Procrastinators often aren’t lazy, they fear failure.)

One of the most engaging, yet practical motivational books available on how to stop procrastinating and get tasks done!

“Stuck on Stop” is AMAZING! A delightfully ‘easy read’. So much good stuff packed in such a small space!”-Gary Koeffler, VP Mktg, Strategic Mktg Group

“Practical information on gaining and keeping momentum.”— A. Santos, Good Reads

“Break the fear barrier and get engaged with life.” — David Bruce, Founder, YH