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So.  You’re a meeting planner.  I bet your friends think you’re a party planner.  Ha!

Little do they know you have to keep up with all the logistics, be the go-to when any problems come up, keep everyone informed about what to do and when to do it, plan the details, check them all off, make sure it all happens on time, AND not slap anyone.  Ever.  At all.  (No matter what.)  No screaming either.

          “The room was ablaze with belly laughs and then intensely pensive throughout the Vicki’s moving presentation. She bedazzled us all, inspiring us to “Go Find the Good!”

          The group activities stitched us together at the heart as we gained a new awareness of skills on giving and accepting compliments, how to be a good listener, and how to find the good in people.

          Despite the event being a few months ago, several of my colleagues and I are still talking about it! When you’re ready to impact your people in the most positive way, speed dial Vicki!”

—Heather Nichols, Founder, The Biz Fizz