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Meeting Planners

Keynote Speaker Vicki Hitzges with balloons and a frog puppet

“Vicki, it’s easy to think of you as someone who can fill a time slot and make everyone happy. You are MUCH more. Way more. Fantastically more.
You get people to interact in a way that will change lives and
make their organization a lot more successful.”
—W. Messenger, Harvard Business School Baker Scholar


“The highlight of our firm’s retreat.”
—R Miller, Partner, Jackson Walker, LLP


“You teach the sort of things that transform managers into rock stars!”
—D. Meador, NW Division Sales Manager, WAMU/Chase Bank


“Delightful! You received the highest marks on the entire two-day program.”
—J. Sandoval, TX Assoc. of State Senior College & Univ. Business Officers


“Not only was the message on target, your enthusiasm,
joy and humor were fantastic.”
—P. Anderson | Exec. Vice Pres., Texans Credit Union


“She used examples that executives and ramp people could all relate to. She just did a great job!”
—B. Stoltz, Ideas in Action, American Airlines


“AMAZING!!!! It’s rare that a speaker gets TWO standing ovations at our seminars. The feedback was astounding.
—Z. Richardson, Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado


“If you want your management team to be more engaging and effective leaders, Vicki is the best I have experienced in my career.”
—J. Homas, Chief Financial Officer, Tennessee Valley Authority


“AWESOME! If you ever need a reference, I am it!!
—M. Wright, Education Coordinator, Oregon Dental Executives Assoc.


“What you shared was a HUGE hit. I would highly recommend you to anyone.”
—T. Rudulph, Chair, Women’s Leadership Network, Raytheon